Welcome to Iqraa Trust, South Africa

Welcome to Iqraa Trust South Africa

Our mission is to uplift the quality of life of all South Africans by promoting and supporting humanitarian programs that are designed to help those who are most in need, to help themselves. We intend to use the resources that are placed at our disposal to develop and fund solutions that will empower people irrespective of race, colour or creed. We want to equip them so that they can contribute to growth and development in South Africa and to share in the benefits of building a better society for all. During your visit to our website, you will realise that we are focused mainly on addressing the key issues of poverty, unemployment and healthcare which still represent the most serious challenges facing South Africa.


How We Work?

About Us We support and assist organizations financially in capacity building to enable them to deliver their services efficiently and effectively.

We form partnerships and alliances with other charitable and welfare institutions to execute projects aimed at achieving the Trust’s objectives.


workshopTurning Point Consultants and Iqraa Trust invite all NGOs in South Africa to join this important Workshop. 50% of the registration fee will be sponsored by Iqraa Trust.

Our Main Supporter

Logo Albaraka Bank

Orphans Endownment WAQF Fund


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Assisting Students Financially by Providing Interest Free Loans and Bursaries

Education & Skills Development


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Welfare & Social Development


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Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change


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Disaster Relief


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