• Vehicles for Various Organisations

    Iqraa Trust Donates R1 913 000 to Various Organisation Towards the Purchase of New Vehicle’s

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  • Ongoing Mediterranean Crisis

    Iqraa Trust donates R4 056 796 to the refugees.

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  • Solar Panels & Wind Turbines

    Iqraa Trust supports many schools in KwaZulu-Natal and surrounding areas to connect to clean energy by providing schools with Solar Panels & Wind Turbines.

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  • Healthcare

    Iqraa Trust Has Contributed R20 283 980 in Donations to Various Organizations within the Health Sector.

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  • Education & Skills Development

    Iqraa Trust and UKZN ‘Builds’ The African City Of The Future

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  • Caps Science Books

    Iqraa Trust Donates R 100 000 towards Caps Science Books R 100 000 towards Caps Science Books to 16 Chatsworth Schools

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  • Learnership Program

    The Learnership program with Limco Consulting, MICT SETA and Sky Media.

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About Iqraa Trust

IQRAA Trust was established in 1994 by Albaraka Bank. IQRAA Trust is a registered trust. The beneficiaries of the trust are charitable,welfare and educational institutions which are engaged in humanitarian activities.

Over the years the Trust has facilitated and promoted capacity building within organisations by funding the development of infrastructure, equipment and the acquisition of skills. The Trust has also provided assistance for humanitarian programmes and projects designed to alleviate the effects of poverty and disease, for drug rehabilitation and to provide relief for the victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The scope of the Trust's activities covers the fields of education, health, welfare and social development. In emergencies the Trust has also provided assistance for disaster relief.

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