The Orphans Endowment WAQF Fund

“Providing For A Better Future For Orphans In South Africa”

waqfThe Orphans Endowment Waqf Fund provides for the needs of an increasing number of orphaned children. With more than 2 million orphans and 1000 people dying daily in South Africa from the aids pandemic, the need for long term initiatives to meet the needs of orphaned children is very urgent.
The Orphans Endowment Waqf Fund is the ideal vehicle for generating a continuing source of funds for the purpose of providing assistance and support for the most vulnerable members of our community. At  the same time making a donation to the Orphans Endowment Waqf Fund will be continuing source of reward for the donor.

Orphans Endowment Waqf Fund


Orphans Endowment Waqf Fund has been established by Islamic Relief Worldwide South Africa in partnership with Iqraa Trust and Albaraka Bank to provide a secure and self-sustaining source of funds specifically to support orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. An Independent Registered Fund will be established and managed by the three partners.

  • You will be establishing, an ongoing source of charity and hence a continuing source of reward for yourself.
  • You will be contributing to meeting the needs of orphans and vulnerable children on an ongoing and sustainable basis because only the income generated on the funds you invest in the ORPHANS WAQF FUND will be used to support orphans.

How The Orphans Endowment Waqf Fund works

For as little as  R 500, which you can contribute as a lump sum or as in instalments, you can acquire an Orphans Endowment Waqf Fund Share for which you will receive a Waqf Certificate. After deducting an administration fee of R 50 the balance of R 450 will be invested in Albaraka Bank.

  • At the end of each financial year, the largest proportion (approximately 80%) of the profits will be used to address the basic needs, and development of the orphans and vulnerable children.
  • A proportion (approximately 10%) will be added to the original capital sum in order to increase and preserve its value.
  • A proportion (approximately 10%) will be utilised for the administration of the Orphans Endowment Waqf Fund.

Click Here to download an Orphans Endowment Waqf Fund Application Form

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