Education & Training

Hlabane High School

Donation - R 268 000

Hlabane High SchoolLearners at Hlabane High School were all smiles on the morning of Thursday, 13 May when they received a visit from donors Iqraa Trust SA and Project Build.

The school, which is located in Injasuti, a remote valley in the rural part of central Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal, benefited by the new classrooms funded by Iqraa Trust SA and  built by Project Build in a partnership to support education.

Being a High School, there was an urgent need for a computer room and a science laboratory, as they have the equipment but lack the facility. Iqraa Trust responded to this need by providing funding towards the construction of three classrooms. The construction of these classrooms will assist the learners of Hlabane High School in improving their computer and science skills as they now have the facility to practice the previously mentioned subjects.

This project has helped not only the learners at Hlabane High School, but the community as well. It has created employment for the builder and his labourers, who were from local community over the period of three months. The local community members have gained experience in a number of building skills including bricklaying, concrete mixing, roofing, plastering and painting.

Education & Training


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Welfare &Social Development

Iqraa Trust focuses mainly on the young, specifically orphaned, neglected and abused children.

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