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Launch Of “Making Science Real”

Project In Schools In Kwazulu Natal -R 500 000

Launch Of “Making Science Real” The purpose of the “Making Science Real” project which the Iqraa Trust is undertaking in partnership with the KwaZulu Natal Education Department, is to provide 10 000 learners from Grades 4 through to Grade 9 and educators access to critical practical aspects inherent in natural science education. The purpose of the “Making Science Real” project is to set the foundation to nurture citizens who are scientifically, mathematically and technologically literate, as early as possible in their development.

The IQRAA Trust is donating eighty-four Johnkerch Science Kits to ten rural schools, two under-resourced schools and two education centres situated in the Empangeni, Unzinyathi and Obonjeni districts. Twelve Natural Science Advisors and thirty-six Natural Science Educators will receive educator development training focused on curriculum interpretation, assessment and practical demonstration within the scientific context.

Through the Johnkerch Science Kit compulsory natural science is no longer taught in the abstract and on the black board, as it gives learners the opportunity to practically demonstrate complex scientific concepts themselves and, within their workgroups. It is the only Natural Science Kit that is being piloted and endorsed by the Dept. of Education in South Africa, and is aptly regarded as the African Solution to Science Education. The Johnkerch Science Kit is curriculum-based, comprehensive and includes Life and Living; Energy and Change; Matter and Material; and Planet Earth and Beyond natural science themes. In pilot projects, the kit has consistently achieved its purpose by adequately preparing learners for further and higher education in the scientific field of study.

This project will expose learners to what science is all about at a very young age. It will build on the natural curiosity of young learners and to generate in them the lifelong desire to seek scientific knowledge. It will enable them to gain an understanding of science, its value and the role it plays in today’s society. Most importantly it will prepare them and sustain their interest in science as they progress to higher grades in school.

Whilst initially 10 000 learners will benefit, the project can easily be sustained and therefore many more learners will benefit in subsequent years. Further the project has been designed so that it can be expanded to cover many more schools. This is a pioneering project, which very easily lends itself to being supported by anyone who has an interest in enhancing science education at schools.

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