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Education & Training

Mpilonhle (A Good Life), Matubatuba - Kwazulu Natal

Grant - R 100 000

project_MpilonhleMpilonhle strives to improve health and social development among youth in Umkhanyakude District in Northern KwaZulu Natal.

Mpilonhle provides adolescents with an integrated health program of screening, counselling, treatment, care and education. The Organisation's core services are offered via mobile units in schools. Complementary programs address sports, exercise and health, vision, sustainable agriculture. Mpilonhle works in partnership with schools, government and other not-for-profit organizations.

The Mpilonhle program is multidimensional and integrated. It brings clinical services into schools and integrates their provision into routine student life, providing them an opt-out basis. This facilitates prompt, routine and widespread use.

The grant of R 100 000 from Iqraa Trust is the Trust’s is funding the implementation of Mpilonhle’s Program.

Education & Training


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Welfare & Social Development

Welfare &Social Development

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