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United Cerebral Palsy Association

R 100 000 Towards The Establishment Of A Training Centre for Caregivers

projectPicts_celebralPalsyIqraa Trust has provided R 100 000 towards the establishment of a Training centre for caregivers for The United Cerebral Palsy Association.

The United Cerebral Palsy Association is situated in Johannesburg and was established in 1954. The Association provides a vital service to children suffering from cerebral palsy. Primary activities include providing patients with quality nursing care and stimulation in the form of creative occupational therapy.

The Centre will educate and provide employable skills that shall make a huge difference as knowledge gained shall be disseminated, alleviating the lack of information to provide appropriate treatment or care.

The project will benefit the poorer communities from a broad spectrum of townships in Gauteng who will have access to better treatment and care from qualified personnel. The Training Centre will also have the added dimension of creating job opportunities.

In 2011 Iqraa Trust approved an additional grant of R100 000 to assist the organisation for repairs and renovations of its Barbara Kessler Training Centre which will provide accredited training courses in Community Health Cares.

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Welfare &Social Development

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