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The Highway Hospice Association - Durban

Grant – R 50 000

project_HighwayHospiceThe Highway Hospice was established in 1982 to address the need for Palliative care for the terminally ill, in the community.

The Hospice has an In-Patient Unit which has 8 beds and provides the highest standard of care for people suffering from an advanced incurable disease. The Unit also provides professional attention and support to the patients, their families and friends in a friendly environment including accommodation for family members when required.

Complementary therapies i.e. aromatherapy, music therapy and reflexology are offered to all patients. Spiritual care, irrespective of religion, is addressed. The In-patient unit also offers patients 24 hour access to palliative care support i.e. A 24 hour backup system for patients registered on the home care programme who can call or phone and get support or advice.

The grant of R 50 000 is Iqraa Trust’s contribution towards the operating costs of the In-Patient’s unit of the Highway Hospice.

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