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Natal Settlers Memorial Home - Durban

Grant - R 100 000

project_NatalSettlersNatal Settlers Memorial Home, which was established in 1949, has over time evolved into a fully-fledged nursing home for the most vulnerable members of society. The organisation caters for both for the young and old with residents ranging in age from 6 years to the oldest being 102 years old.

The Home caters for those who are physically and mentally challenged, the very frail, those suffering from cerebral palsy and the destitute. The Home provides for the personal, mental, psychological, spiritual, medical, social and any other relevant needs of the residents during their stay in the home.
Over the past 15 years the Home has provided support for some 75 000 persons. Presently there are 374 residents at the Home.

The Home has embarked on much needed repair and upgrading of its building and all its facilities including the upgrading of its laundry facilities which it is estimated will cost R 450 000.

Iqraa Trust’s grant of R 100 000 will make the upgrading of the Home’s vitally needed laundry facility a reality.

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