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Chesterville "Sport For All" Project

Chesterville Kwazulu-Natal - R 200 000

Chesterville"Sport For All" Project

Chesterville"Sport For All" Project

Iqraa Trust has sponsored R200 000 towards the equipment required to set up the Chesterville “Sport For All Franchise Project” in partnership with Vukukhanye Community Upliftment Initiatives

Iqraa Trust "Sport for All" seeks to make sport accessible to all the children of our country, by providing coaching in the communities in which the children reside.

The project is unique and exciting because it contributes to community development by:

  • Providing multi-sport opportunities for many children and youth in under-resourced communities
  • Having a positive social impact on issues such as HIV & AIDS, substance abuse, crime, juvenile delinquency and gender equality
  • Promoting healthy living and a better quality of life
  • Offering small business opportunities
  • Creating job opportunities in the historically disadvantaged areas

The Chesterville "Sport for All" franchise has grown rapidly and now has 252 learners who have become members. They receive coaching and training each week-day afternoon in the standard sports codes such as soccer, hockey, cricket, rugby, netball, basketball, tennis and volleyball. Other sports codes include athletics, drum majorettes and indigenous games. Life-skills are also incorporated into the weekly coaching schedule. The smartcard based player management system facilitates payment and accurately records all interactions between coaches and children. The model is sustainable as children are required to pay a membership fee of R30 per month. Many of the learners do get sponsored because they cannot afford the membership fee.

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Welfare & Social Development

Welfare &Social Development

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