Welfare & Social Development

Lifeline/Childline (Western Cape)

Donation: R 255 000

R 65 000 - Towards The Implementation Of A Youth Development Program

Iqraa Trust has contributed to the implementation of a program devised and implemented by Lifeline/Childline which addresses the high incidence of teen suicide. It aims to combat destructive behavioral patterns such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse and crime, and also aims to transform and develop the youth.
At least 200 high school learners from Elsies River, Belhar, Valhalla Park, Bonteheuwel and Goodhope benefited from the project. The project had a major impact on the community as a whole, as the youth were empowered with skills that will have a positive impact on them, their peers, their families and their communities for a long time to come.

R 40 000 – Towards Funding Of Child Protection Program

The Child Protection Program of Lifeline/Childline provides care for abused, raped and neglected children. The program also aims to create a greater awareness of HIV/AIDS and needs to promote the safer environment. Iqraa Trust has availed the organisation with funding in the amount of R40 000 to enable the organisation to expand the program.

R 40 000 – Towards The Therapeutic Centre

Iqraa Trust has contributed R 40 000 towards the operating costs of the therapeutic centre which has been established by Lifeline/Childline to take care of sexually, emotionally and physically abused children up to the age of 18 years.

R 110 000-Towards Various Projects

Iqraa Trust has over the period contributed R 110 000 towards various other projects of Lifeline/Childline.

Education & Training


Education has the potential to uplift communities, alleviate poverty, create a skilled job market and...

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Welfare & Social Development

Welfare &Social Development

Iqraa Trust focuses mainly on the young, specifically orphaned, neglected and abused children.

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Iqraa Trust recognizes that there is a dire need in South Africa to provide access to quality health care...

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