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Cancer Association Of South Africa

Cancer Association Of South Africa The mission of CANSA is to substantially reduce the impact of cancer by promoting health in all communities within South Africa through advocacy and the sustainable facilitation of research, prevention, early detection and care. CANSA offers a large variety of community-based services such as a toll-free cancer information service. Counseling, day-care centers, interim home and volunteer services.

The Mkhulha Interim Home Of The Cansa Association Of South Africa

The Mkhuhla Interim Home was established in Durban by Cansa in 1975.The Home serves mainly rural Cancer patients who have to have radiotherapy or chemotherapy as their treatment. This treatment is only offered at the major metropolitan centers

Thus the Mkhuhla Home alleviates the problem for the rural cancer patients who require treatment by providing: accommodation, meals and transport to the Hospitals. The Home provides a hygienic aid and a safe environment and also assists the patients by addressing their physical and psycho-social needs

The services offered at the Mkhuhla Interim Home are available to all cancer patients from KZN irrespective of race, gender or religion. Also, at times patients from Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Mozambique are accommodated.

Cancer Association Of South Africa

Donation - R 73 000

Iqraa Trust contributed funds towards the operating costs of the Mkhuhla Interim Home.

Donation Of Minibus – R 100 000

In addition to accommodation a key element in facilitating access to treatment is the availability of transport for the patients. The Mkhuhla Interim Home urgently needed a minibus to transport its patients to the treatment centers and approached the Iqraa Trust for assistance. Radiotherapy treatment takes place daily over a period of 2 to 8 weeks.

In October 2006 the patients of the Mkhuhla Interim Home of the Cancer Association of South Africa in Kwazulu Natal received a most pleasant surprise when Iqraa Trust and Albaraka Bank jointly donated R 200 000 to enable the home to purchase a minibus which was needed desperately by the Home to transport its cancer patients to the various treatment centers in the city.

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