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Welfare & Social Development

Nurturing Orphans of Aids For Humanity (NOAH) – KwaZulu Natal

Grant – R 50 000

project_NoahNoah empowers communities to care for their own vulnerable children.

The Organisation empowers communities with the knowledge, skills strategies and self confidence to form and successfully run their own community based organisations (CBO’s) that support and provide for the well being of vulnerable children.

Iqraa Trust’s grant of R 50 000 will be used to support a nutrition program which currently supports 276 orphaned and vulnerable children of school going age and in early childhood development programs at two Community Based Organisations (CBO’s) in the areas of Emalandeni and Nhiziyo in KwaZulu Natal (KZN.)

The nutritional support program will impact positively on the children’s ability to be active in after school activities and on their general physical health and ultimately prepare them to become productive and emotionally stable adults capable of empathy and understanding.

Education & Training


Education has the potential to uplift communities, alleviate poverty, create a skilled job market and...

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Welfare & Social Development

Welfare &Social Development

Iqraa Trust focuses mainly on the young, specifically orphaned, neglected and abused children.

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Iqraa Trust recognizes that there is a dire need in South Africa to provide access to quality health care...

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