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Welfare & Social Development

The Plettaid Foundation (Plettenberg Bay-Western Cape)

R100 000 Donation Towards The Operations Of The Invicta House Women’s Shelter

project Plettaid-Foundation

Iqraa Trust contributed R100 000 towards the operational costs of the Invicta House Women’s Shelter. This project is located in Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape.

Plettenberg Bay’s economy relies on seasonal tourism which is the only real industry. The Town is recorded as having the second highest incidence of HIV in the Western Province. The town is affected by social illnesses such as interpersonal violence and substance abuse and there is high rate of lack of education. Compared with other districts, there is a good health and welfare infrastructure and accessibility to services and the momentum of development is being sustained with effort from civil society organisations such as The Plettaid Foundation.

The Plettaid Foundation- Invicta House Women’s Shelter will provide the Plettenberg bay area with:

  • Affordable and accessible home nursing for public patients.
  • Free hospice palliative care.
  • 24 hour shelter for women and children affected by domestic violence and abuse.

The Foundation aims to improve the quality of life and dignity in death through the provision of integrated community driven programmes.

Education & Training


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Welfare & Social Development

Welfare &Social Development

Iqraa Trust focuses mainly on the young, specifically orphaned, neglected and abused children.

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