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Welfare & Social Development

Iqraa Trust Donate R500,500.00 the ongoing Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

We are writing this letter in acknowledgement and appreciation of the funds totalling R 500,500.00 which were contributed by Iqraa Trust for use in response to the refugee crisis in Europe. We confirm that said funds will be used as part of the Al-Imdaad Foundations response to the ongoing refugee crisis. We are grateful for this contribution and pray that it will be a source of great relief and comfort for the refugee beneficiaries.

The generous contributions from Iqraa Trust will help our teams conduct further operations to address the needs of refugees in transit across Europe. Our teams have already been on the ground in Austria and Hungary in early September as refugees passed through these countries on their way to Germany and other northern European states. Since then Hungarian authorities have fenced off borders leaving many refugees stranded and living in the open and forcing them to look for alternative routes through Serbia, Slovenia and other countries.

The donation from Iqraa Trust will be used in a second distribution programme targeting refugees in transit through some of these countries. Specifically, food packs, clothing, and hygiene items will be handed out to refugees at transit points on the journey through Europe. These items will provide relief to refugees who often travel long distances on foot and sleep out in the open with limited access to daily essentials.

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Education & Training


Education has the potential to uplift communities, alleviate poverty, create a skilled job market and...

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Welfare & Social Development

Welfare &Social Development

Iqraa Trust focuses mainly on the young, specifically orphaned, neglected and abused children.

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